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Target Patients

OTC Medications: Assist patients in taking OTC medications such as pediatric medications
Other sudden change to medication, such as a new chronic condition
Short course treatments, such as antibiotics, for patients who are not used to taking medications regularly
Complex dosing regimens, such as tapering doses, alternating doses, or weekly doses
Other demographics who are likely to get confused, such as elderly on many different medications
Recently discharged from hospital with multiple new medications


Helps improve medication adherence which can ensure an effective treatment for the patient
Knowing others can view their progress encourages the patient to stay motivated with their treatment
Correct consumption of medications increases repeat prescriptions
Improves patient loyalty through daily use of a personalised service
Works well as a companion to DAAs, patients on one can be encouraged to also get the other

Health Angel currently supports the following dispensing systems

Health Angel can also work without connectivity to a dispensing system.

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