Taking the right medication at the right time is essential for the success of your treatment

Are you busy?
Do you have lots of medications?
Is it all just too complicated?

Then let Health Angel help you – made and delivered by Pharmacists

Peace of Mind with Health Angel

• Life is getting busier
• Modern medicines are improving our lives and a necessary inconvenience
• While these medicines are more effective, they are also more potent. The margin of mistakes is also less.
• Your pharmacist is your trusted guide in this journey
Health Angel lets you keep your pharmacist by your side

Are you so busy that you don’t remember if you had taken your medicines?
Do you have more than three medications to be taken with different amount at different times?
Do you forget to take your antibiotics and not complete the course because you don’t normally take medications?
Does your mum or dad need help in remembering to take their medications?
Some of these new medications are very effective but potent and need to be taken at the right time or else they don’t work. Dosing errors could lead to deleterious consequences.

So no matter if you are a busy executive, a hectic tradesperson, a young individual with other priorities or a mature person, taking the right medication at the right time will ensure you the best possible outcome to your treatment!

Complex Dosing Example – Behind the scenes

Health Angel
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Watch how easy it is to use

Health Angel 

The Health Angel Medication Reminder was built for all age groups. While it is simple to use, it has numerous features to help you stay on track

Health Angel helps you to manage your daily medications safely from home.

No matter who you are, Health Angel can help keep you on track with your medications.

• Automatic reminders that show which medications to take now
• You can adjust the reminder times to suit your lifestyle
• Your dosing schedule is managed by your pharmacy so it is accurate and current
• Your pharmacist can check how you are progressing

Screens that are clear and simple to use

We have done the hard work so you don’t have to…

Easy to use

The Health Angel system is designed for all age groups.

Clear instructions

Health Angel tells you what medications to take and when to take them.


Usefull feedback so you know your on track.

What does it do for you?

Reduces the confusion about which medications to take and when

Easy to use so that you never miss your medications

Keeps your family and carers up to date on your progress

Helps your health professional to provide better care

Pharmacies Can Join Anytime!

About Us

SVIDA Company History

SVIDA Pty Ltd was spawned from a software development company who had been delivering retail pharmacy and specialised in drugs information solutions for the past 33 years. The core team including pharmacists and doctors has been involved in a number of global projects covering a variety of markets and health sectors. Our key expertise ranges from clinical workflow and best practice through to shared electronic health records, encryption, standards, and terminologies. Drawing on this knowledge and expertise, SVIDA has developed a suite of products designed specifically for low skilled use and rapid deployment that are aimed at closing the loop between doctors, pharmacists, nurses, carers, and their patients.

Meet the SVIDA Team

David Morgan


David has been working in the education and training market for over 15 years and possesses tertiary qualifications in business management and social research. He runs his own national company based in Hobart providing web-based applications and software to government organisations and the training market. His expertise lies in business commercialisation in regulated markets

Patrick Banks


While his background is software engineering, from early on in his 15 year career Patrick has played a far more significant role. Highly intelligent, effective and ingenious, Patrick gradually took on increasing responsibility until he was directing operations and managing software development. Patrick has travelled extensively and has developed an understanding of local cultures and how medications are managed in the major Asian countries, as well as many valuable contacts. He has provided specialist consulting to large international companies and organisations and has proven his ability to manage and solve complex technical issues around health IT systems and terminologies.

Chung Liauw


Chung has been working within the Health information technology industry for 35 years. He began his career as a pharmacist before moving into information technology. He has run his own company, Phoenix Computer Systems, for the majority of this time and also worked with large companies internationally in the deployment of health related technology. As a health professional himself, Chung has a profound understanding of how health services are delivered and of the many associated problems. He has many key senior health contacts in Australia and across Asia. Chung is a visionary with a unique ability to understand market dynamics and stakeholder behaviour to discover disruptive market opportunities. He is the founder of SVIDA and driving force behind the company’s innovation.

Dr Gurcharan Ubhi


Gurcharan is a general practitioner who operates a thriving multidisciplinary practice outside of Melbourne. He completed his medical training in the UK and has practised in Australia for some 30 years. Gurcharan is an integral part of his local community. He provides medical services to several local aged care facilities and works closely with the local pharmacy. Open minded, Gurcharan does not hesitate to try a new idea or even to pioneer a new technology. In the early 80’s while Tasmanian based, he worked with Chung on a revolutionary project to send prescriptions electronically between the clinic and pharmacy. Gurcharan’s role in SVIDA is to provide the clinician perspective on product development. He will play a significant role in the Australian alpha and pilot testing phases by providing a complete field-testing environment.

Roly Hill


Roly has been a community pharmacist for 39 years in Tasmania, Queensland, and Western Australia. He was involved in the formation of pharmacy’s first co-operative computerised dispensing system. Roly has provided pharmacy services to aged care facilities for 30 years and has participated in the earliest stages of SVIDA development. Grounded, structured and organised, Roly is a critical thinker who brings a valuable pragmatic perspective, along with clinical pharmacy expertise, to SVIDA operations.

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Taking the right medications at the right time is essential for your health