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Peace of Mind with Health Angel

• Life is getting busier
• Modern medicines are improving our lives and a necessary inconvenience
• While these medicines are more effective, they are also more potent. The margin of mistakes is also less.
• Your pharmacist is your trusted guide in this journey
Health Angel lets you keep your pharmacist by your side

Are you so busy that you don’t remember if you had taken your medicines?
Do you have more than three medications to be taken with different amount at different times?
Do you forget to take your antibiotics and not complete the course because you don’t normally take medications?
Does your mum or dad need help in remembering to take their medications?
Some of these new medications are very effective but potent and need to be taken at the right time or else they don’t work. Dosing errors could lead to deleterious consequences.

So no matter if you are a busy executive, a hectic tradesperson, a young individual with other priorities or a mature person, taking the right medication at the right time will ensure you the best possible outcome to your treatment!

Complex Dosing Example – Behind the scenes

Watch how easy it is to use

The Health Angel Medication Reminder was built for all age groups. While it is simple to use, it has numerous features to help you stay on track

Health Angel helps you to manage your daily medications safely from home.

No matter who you are, Health Angel can help keep you on track with your medications.

• Automatic reminders that show which medications to take now
• You can adjust the reminder times to suit your lifestyle
• Your dosing schedule is managed by a health professional so it is accurate

Screens that are clear and simple to use

We have done the hard work so you don’t have to…

Easy to use

The Health Angel system is designed for all age groups.

Clear instructions

Health Angel tells you what medications to take and when to take them.


Usefull feedback so you know your on track.

What does it do for you?

Reduces the confusion about which medications to take and when

Easy to use so that you never miss your medications

Keeps your family and carers up to date on your progress

Helps your health professional to provide better care

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Taking the right medications at the right time is essential for your health